Clermont, Florida

For the next couple of months, my training base will be based in central Florida, 45 min from Orlando in the small community of Clermont.  The plan is to get away from the potential threat of snow and cold in Colorado during the months of March and April and to also have a sea level block of training.  While in Florida, I will also be competing in several races here, so I can hop in the car and drive down instead of flying back and forth from CO.

I arrived on March 2nd and was pleasantly surprised by the town home we are renting (the house is bigger than our house back home!).  The location is great; 400 meters from an asphalt trail and lake, 5 min drive or 15 min bike to the National Training Center (50 meter pool, track, weights, and massage or PT treatments), and the best part….warm weather every day!  Early in March it’s not too hot…yet!

The trip has not exactly gone as planned…!  I arrived feeling a bit under the weather in the days leading  up to the Clermont ITU Sprint race last weekend and since the race I have been going down hill!  I have spend the past four days trying to get better and hope that the worst is over and I can be back to normal training by the weekend.  Being sick is never fun…especially when you arrive to a training camp with 70 degrees outside your door!  I mentioned to Nate that during my hard training blocks I get pumped for my recovery days and enjoy being lazy, catching up on TV shows and laying on the coach….but now I can’t wait to get off the couch!

I was originally going to race the MIT next weekend in Miami, but since I have been sick this week we have decided to skip the race and avoid a weekend of travel so that I can get back into a training routine.  It’s  a long season, better to be safe than sorry later down the road.  I am still planning on racing in South Beach, Miami on April 10th.

Wherever you are training out there…be safe.  Every month, I hear about a tragic accident usually involving a cyclist with a car.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost a loved one in an accident of any sort.  Have fun, be safe and train hard!


  • Cody Dorsey

    You had a fantastic race in Clermont from what I actually saw. Out of the water in the front held it on the bike and had a good run. Jenkins just got the extra push from a place I haven’t found yet in my training. First American and 2nd overall is not a bad way to start of the season. Good Luck on the rest of the season and hope to see you at a race soon.

    March 10, 2011
  • Kelli Trudel

    Sarah wish I could join you. I was just having that conversation with my spouse about being in Clermont. Do you know John Hovius, he is not far from you. You should check him out, he is the best ever He owns and runs the AAA Camp there, I think he is not far from Lake Luisa. I am hoping to do his sprint tri, March 27th.

    I sure do hope you feel better. I would be so frustrated if i were you. Keep the faith and get better.


    March 10, 2011

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