Fall Season Update.

Season Update:

The 2011 season is coming to a close.  I started my racing season way back in March with a sprint race and it’s hard to believe summer is now changing into fall.  I am looking forward to finishing off my season strong with three races over the next four weekends.
The past few weeks, I have enjoyed the time training and not traveling!  With a busy October ahead, I knew I needed a little stability in September to finish the season off.
This upcoming Sunday is my fifith and final race in the Race to the Toyota Cup Series.  I have had a blast every Series race so far this year and also gotten to watch my family race in a few of the races.  My Dad and brother will be racing in the Toyota US Open (Dad’s first Olympic distance).  I know we all will be giving it our all out there (along with all the other competitors).
I can’t not think about how different I am feeling from one year ago.  Last year I was in attendance at the US Open, cheering and hanging out at the Toyota booth, but I was injured with a calf tear.  The injury occurred in the middle of September, and I was hoping that after a couple weeks off, I would be able to finish out the series.  No such luck, it was an eight week injury off running.  I got to see the race from a different perspective; cheering from the sidelines.  The hardest part was watching the awards ceremony, watching alone among the crowd and shedding some tears. It hurt knowing my heart and mind wanted to be there, but my body would not allow.  As any athlete can tell you, an injury is tough, more mentally than physically, but it also makes you appreciate all the moments when your body is healthy and ready to compete.  Those tears I shed through my past injuries reaffirm that we are not invincible.  Overcoming those tough times and getting back to form is the biggest testament of an athlete.   I am so thankful my body has been injury free this year and I am ready to step up to the start line going to defend my 2009 title.  I know that I can’t take any win or race for granted and however the upcoming outcome; I will be proud knowing I gave my best effort and thankful my body is allowing me to race this time around.
After Dallas, I will be staying in Texas for a few days before heading to my second World Cup of the year in Huatulco, Mexico.  This race is TOUGH!  Not to mention a 20% grade hill 8x, but topple that with 100 degree heat index.  I am looking forward to seeing the Ocean, but will have to remember my sunblock!  I competed several years ago and had a tough time gripping my bars on the bike because of the high humidity, so I am going to try some Mission Ultra Grip pre-race to curb that problem.
After Mexico, it’s back home for a week before I head back to Mexico for Pan American Games.  I am excited to represent USA and hope to be back on the podium again (Silver in 2007).  I am grateful for this opportunity and better brush up on my Espanol with my two trips to Mexico in October.
Best Wishes to all and the end of your season!  And to those already in your off-season…ENJOY!

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