"First Things First": First Endurance

First Things First: First Endurance!

The very first thing I do every morning as part of my routine; drinking a glass of water with my FE Mulit-V and Optygen HP products.  I like to do this firstthing so that for one I don”t forget to take my supplements, but also so that I”m taking them before  my key training sessions of the day.  I then think about how many water bottles I need to fill up depending on the length and intensity of my upcoming workouts.  I fill my bottles with EFS lemon lime or grape (my favorite flavors), but will also use fruit punch (Nate”s favorite) if necessary and I am out of my top two flavors.  Some people in the past have complained to me about the strong taste or flavor of many electrolytes drinks.  The mild flavor (especially in the grape) is one of my favorite aspect”s of the EFS drink.  Not to mention, the additional electrolytes compared to other brands to help me stay hydrated.  If my workout is easy or I”m just about to head to the airport, I will often fill my bottles with half strength or quarter strength EFS since I will not need a full serving of electrolytes or calories to keep my hydration levels up.

When I head out for longer workouts (duration 2.5 hours or longer), I know I need to be prepared nutritionally…or else my training will suffer. Especially mid-season, when the heat and humidity are at it”s peak, keeping hydrated can be just as tough as the workout.  Many Sunday mornings this year, Nate and I spent time filling up eight or nine water bottles with a mix of EFS, plain water, Ultragen, and a couple gel flasks.  We pile everything into the cooler and are set nutritionally for the next four to five hours. There is nothing that tastes much better than a cold Ultragen after a hard 3-4 hour workout! It is amazing how much faster my body will recover with the proper nutrition during and post workout.

This is not to say that pro”s know everything…as I am still learning year to year.  Earlier this year, I was feeling dizzy and fatigued on my transition runs after a moderately intense 2.5-3 hour ride.  My transition runs were only 30-45 minutes, but I just struggled to get through the run.  We experimented with taking more gel during the bike, instead of just before the transition run.  I would take a swing of gel every 20 minutes of the bike in addition to the two bottles of EFS.  After this change, I felt so much better on my runs and the “dizzy” feeling was gone.  Don”t be afraid to change up your routine and see
what works best for you!

Now that”s it”s my off season, I have cut dramatically back on my training/racing nutrition products.  EFS, gels, OptygenHP, and Ultragen will not be needed until 2012. However, I be sure to stay on top my vitamins to help ward off those winter colds and flues.  Even when I travel to see friends and family, I make sure I have packed my Mulit-V or whatever FE product will be needed for that trip!  First Endurance is a key component to my success in racing and training.  Athletes often forget about the importance of nutrition and how much of an influence good or bad it can have on your performance.

Enjoy the “off-season” and best wishes in your preparations for the 2012 year.  I;m stocked, loaded and ready to go for 2012!

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