January Update

January 2012


With the new year upon us, it is always a great time to reflect on the past year, but more importantly get on with the new one!  Nate and I had a very enjoyable, busy holiday time in Missouri and Minnesota.  It was nice to catch up with many friends and family.  We continued to “exercise”, but at times, training was on the back burner.  One of Nate’s goals this fall was to hunt a deer.  Surprisingly, my dad was the one who got the deer (from a hot tub in his backyard)!  In addition, I had my first taste of venison.  I found I really enjoyed the taste and Nate is determined to hunt one next fall so that we can fill our fridge.  We are also buying a cow along with my parents (named Meat #1 and Meat #2, so as not to forget the end goal!), so that we can have some free range, grass fed beef!  Talking about all this meat, reminds me that one of our goals this year is to turn towards more and more organic foods and try to eliminate as much process foods from our diet.  We feel this will not only help in our sport, but also improve long term health.  Nate has become quite the chef in our family and always surprises me in the kitchen with his homemade recipes!


I have been back in Florida for five days now.  After the holidays, travel and getting back into the swing of things, I am quickly reminded how hard it is to get back started in full force training mode.  Triathlon is hard, there are not any easy short cuts towards making that one to two percent improvement I am striving for day in and day out.  I am looking forward to the challenging season that awaits, but know I have to break down my goals one day at a time.  It takes those little steps every day to make those giant leaps at the end of the season!


Last year we made the decision to leave Colorado for the winter and stay in Florida. I have learned that my body responds well to routine and consistency (as most do) and excited that I will most likely not be stepping on an airplane over the next five months!!  I truly feel that dedicating consistent time and effort in training will help me achieve peak fitness by this spring and summer.  I will be racing three races in Florida in March and April, but will be driving to the races, so in a way it almost doesn’t even count as travel since I don’t have to take my bike apart!


For many athlete’s the dead of winter can be a tough time to stay mentally focused.  I would recommend signing up for some winter run races.  This really helps to keep your motivation up to stay fit up.  In addition, try some group cycling classes (either a spin class or see if any Triathlon Clubs in your area have group Computrainer sessions).

Look for an indoor triathlon in your area late winter/early spring. I know that Lifetime Fitness has several early season indoor tri’s., so check one out near you. This is also a good way to help motivate you for the upcoming summer triathlon season.  Happy training!!


I will leave you with one of Nate’s recipes:  Black Bean Soup  (Serves 4)


2 cans organic black beans (find low sodium)

1 red pepper

1 head broccoli

1 tbsp. chili powder

1 tbsp. honey

1 tbsp. tabasco or favorite hot sauce

Optional:  feta or cheddar cheese

Optional:  plain greek yogurt


In large pot mash black beans.  For every one can of beans, include 1/2 can of water.

Dice up pepper, broccoli. Combine all ingredients.  Add in the honey, chili powder and hot sauce. Cook on stovetop on medium heat and let it simmer for 30 min (or until the water cooks down and the soup thickens).

Add in desired amount of cheese or top a bowl with 1-2 tbsp. of greek yogurt





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