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Sarah Haskins Talks Race Day Nutrition.



  • Thanks for posting this. I am new to triathlons – and as a 40 year old male training for my first Ironman, nutrition is the hardest lesson to learn. I have been practicing eating while working out, but haven’t had any really long training sessions yet, so I will work on that coming up.

    If my stomach can handle it – should I load as many calories as possible for breakfast? That way I have more left for the bike – or is there a limit?

    Also – what about carb loading the night before? Growing up a swimmer – we used to always eat a huge spaghetti dinner with garlic bread the night before. Is there any benefit to that as an age grouper?

    Lastly – would you mind if I shared your video questions on my blog @ I have put this blog together to raise money to fight charity, document my own journey, and hopefully motivate people to get off the couch (if I can do it, anyone can) 🙂

    Thanks in advance for the answers to my questions.

    April 10, 2012
    • haskins5269

      Thank you for the question. Learning about nutrition for the race takes time and experience, but is something that can help you on race day if you have practiced and know what your body needs.
      I would encourage a big breakfast before a long bike or training session (or race). However, you don’t want to overdue it. Think of your stomach like a gas tank, you want to fill it with great nutritional choices for your body, but you don’t want to take in an overload. It’s better to eat every couple of hours leading up to the race, or eat during the training to keep blood sugars stable.
      For shorter distance racing, carbo loading is not necessary. For longer distance racing, carbo loading can have benefits, but it’s better to extend the carbo loading period to 48 hours prior to the race verses one huge meal the night before. Eating a monstrous meal the night before may not be the best for your stomach race morning. It is important to slowly top off your glycogen stores two or three days prior to the race with a percentage of carb increase each meal.
      No problem at all sharing the video on your blog. Sounds like a great cause and best wishes to you and your Ironman training.


      April 11, 2012

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