Toyota SheRox Triathlon Editors Challenge


The day after my race in Minneapolis, I headed to New York City for an opportunity to meet with five editors/bloggers who all have one common goal of competing in the SheRox San Diego race on October 21st.  I was excited to share my knowledge of triathlon with the women and help prepare them as they began their training programs.

The event took place in Chealsea Peers in Manhattan.  It had been almost five years since I have been to the gym; as the last time was when I was in town for the New York City triathlon.  The gym is a must to work out if you are ever in the city.  The pool has a great view overlooking the river and it’s complete with a 400 or 200 meter banked track, beach volleyball, tennis, cardio equipment and a very high rock climbing wall.  I was tempted to try the wall, but figured I should hold that plan until the off-season!

The women were all very excited, although most were a little apprehensive about the open water swimming portion of the triathlon (as that is normal for most preparing for their first triathlon).  I gave the women an hour crash course of triathlon 101 with what gear they will need, how to train for each of the disciplines and transition tips.  After the talk, I had a couple hours to spend with the  women on running and swimming drills/techniques.  It was fun to help share ideas and tips from what I have learned over my years of swimming and running to help them incorporate into their daily training.

Over the next three months, I will be helping the women prepare for the event and be with them in the few days prior to the event in San Diego.   I am very familiar with the race location as the women will be competing very close to where I competed in the Olympic Trials last May.

My sponsors; MissionAthleteCare, Sampson Sports, Rudy Project, ISM, and TYR have been very generous to help out and provide the women with gear to help them along the way.  The women will also be writing about their experiences, so look for their articles in Self, Women’s Day, Glamor and many more outlets.

It was inspiration to see women take up the triathlon challenge!  I know I will learn just as much from these women as I they will learn from me!

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