January and February 2013 Update From Clermont FL

This year has been a little different start compared to the last eight!  As normal, I am back at my training home of Clermont, Florida and enjoying the beautiful winter.  Different from normal, I am not in the pre season hard training push!  Currently, I am entering my 19th week of pregnancy and enjoying the time to simply exercise to stay fit; both for myself and my baby.  The past eight years I have really learned to become in tune with my body and listen to it.  That skill has been a valuable help over the course of the past four months.


The first trimester went rather well, compared to stories I have heard from other women!  I didn’t have too much morning sickness, with the occasional “evening queasiness”.  I learned to tailor my eating to larger breakfasts and lunches, so that my stomach would be happy with smaller dinners.  This past month, I have officially entered my second trimester, and with that comes a lot of growing!  Right now, I do have a visible bump (although it looks much smaller than it feels!).  I am still able to swim/bike/run/strength train comfortably.  I have slowed down over the past couple of months and don’t push above the aerobic zone.  I learned early on in the first trimester that if I did a little too much exercise, I would pay for it the next day with too much fatigue.  So far, I have been feeling good with averaging around two hours of aerobic exercise per day (usually 2 of the 3 disciplines).  I know that every pregnancy is different and each women has to listen to how her body is feeling.  For me, I noticed how high my heart rate can spike with exercise (especially swimming and running), so I have learned to embrace movement without worrying about pace.  I haven’t run with a watch in two months!

While I will not be racing this season, my husband, Nate, will return to the racing scene.  He finished his last race as a pro in 2007 and this year will race in the age group or elite age group division.  It has been a fun experience getting to accompany him and cheer him on at local 5k’s and duathlons…soon to be the full triathlons!  Nate is planning on racing a local race in Clermont at the end of March and then several 5150’s this spring and summer.

We are also planning to stay active in the triathlon community with getting involved in camps and clinics around the US.  We are hosting our first camp in Clermont this weekend.  At the beginning of April, we are attending a USAT Youth Development camp in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We will also be hosting various camps this spring and summer in the St. Louis area.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to be able have the time and energy to use in other areas of the sport, since I won’t be putting forth the energy in racing in 2013.

My due date is July 10th, 2013!  Four months down, five to go…and I know that the months will creep up faster than expected (with the exception of months 8-9).  We are very excited about our growing family and can’t wait to meet our first child.  Lot’s of changes in store for the Kortuem household!  I have always had a dream of becoming a mother and feel so blessed that motherhood is upon me.  I know Nate is really excited about becoming a Dad!  We find out very soon if we are having a boy or girl, which will make everything seem so very real.

This summer I will enjoy getting adjusted to our new addition and as soon as I feel ready, I will be back at training in preparation for the 2014 race season.  Although I won’t be toeing the line this year, I look forward to being on the sidelines and experiencing the role as supporter and cheerleader!  See you at the races!




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  • Roland & Debbie

    Hi Sarah & Nate,

    We just heard & wanted to congratulate you both. It will be the most rewarding thing you do. Love, Roland & Debbie

    March 31, 2013

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