Last Trimester…Keeping Busy!

I have entered my last trimester of my pregnancy!  Hard to believe that our little baby girl will be here soon.  I feel her kicking often, although it”s mostly at night or after dinner as I”m relaxing on the couch.

This past week we have moved base from Florida to Missouri since I will be delivering in St. Louis this summer.  We loved our time in Florida this winter; not only getting to avoid the snow, but also enjoyed swimming outside, running in shorts and taking a few trips to Disney.  Missouri is now in full blown spring; which means one day of 80 degrees and the next day 50deg and rain.  Full blown summer is right around this corner.  In Missouri, we are enjoying catching up with friends, visiting family and preparing for childbirth with our classes beginning very soon!

I have still been feeling great for the most part in my exercising.  As I enter my 28th week, I take my workouts day by day.  I have typically been able to complete around two hours of aerobic activity a day; averaging three-four swims, three bikes (on the trainer), and three to four runs per week with a couple strength training sessions thrown in the mix.  A few times on my runs, I feel round ligament pain, but it”s only been a handful of runs over the past couple of months that I have had to stop and walk.  Most runs, I feel great and able to run 3-8 miles.  All my exercising has been low/ moderate to high end aerobic and I don”t worry so much about pace, just getting out and moving the body.  It feels great to get the heart rate pumping and enjoying a break from a typical rigid training schedule.

Since we have been back in Missouri, we have been busy!  Last weekend we ran a swim clinic at Parkway West High School.  We focused on open water skills with the triathletes and practiced drills the swimmers would be able to use in their training leading up to their triathlon season.  After the clinic, we had a two day shoot with my sponsor; Toyota.  The filming was focused on two parts; a Mother”s Day Special, and a Triathlon Tip Message.  The videos will be run on Toyota”s website and also at the Lifetime Fitness Clubs nationwide.  What was so different about this shoot, was that I got the opportunity to work with my family.  My mom got to experience some interviews under the lights and enjoy a professional makeover!  I am really excited to see the finish product, as everyone worked very hard on the shoot.  The video will be out next month!

I have posted a few memorable pictures taken by Nate throughout the shoot:





  • Cicily Chun

    You look great Sarah – so cool you are feeling good for training and being healthy. You are an inspiration!! 🙂

    May 18, 2013
    • Sarah Haskins

      Thanks Cicily! Hope you are having a wonderful summer

      July 3, 2013
    • Sarah Haskins

      Thank you Cicily
      I appreciate the note! Caroline is doing great! Hope the end of your summer is treating you nicely.

      August 30, 2013
  • Wendy Schiff

    Hi Sarah,

    I checked your web site to update your “story” in my nutrition textbook, and I was delighted to learn that you are about to become a mom! Good luck with the baby!!!
    Do you plan to return to competition after the baby arrives?

    BTW: My husband and I moved to Wildwood in 2010–we live off Kiefer Creek & St. Paul Rd–in the “Arbor Chase” subdivision.

    I wish you the best! Wendy Schiff

    July 6, 2013
    • Sarah Haskins

      HI Wendy
      Thanks for the note! I do plan on returning back to competition and now getting back into some training. Caroline is doing really well and growing so fast!! Wildwood is a beautiful area! We work out at LIfetime Fitness frequently. Best Wishes to a great holiday weekend! Sarah

      August 30, 2013

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