Half Way Through Third Trimester

Summer is quickly approaching; and that means one thing…baby will be here soon! This past month has been very busy with triathlon clinics, visiting family and friends, and a few upcoming travel trips.


The month of May began with a guest appearance at Parkway Central High School.  I was the honorary speaker in the, “Let’s Move in Parkway”, day on May 5th.  I pepped the kids up with an opening speech about my start in Parkway and how exercise and healthy eating has been the core platform to my current profession and lifestyle.  I like to remind kids that my love to sport began in the Elementary PE class with the annual mile run.  I loved the challenge of improving my time year after year and it motivated me to begin run training shortly before each mile run.  After the speech, I helped lead the kids through a mosh pit dance (yes, although seven months pregnant, I could still manage the moves…although not very gracefully)!

The rest of the afternoon, I enjoyed seeing the healthy initiatives for kids at the various expo booths and games for kids in the gymnasiums.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time!


The following weekend, Nate and I had to opportunity to work with adult triathletes in New Town, Missouri.  We helped calm many first time open water swimmer’s fears; not just about the open water, but also about swimming in a wetsuit!  Nate and I shared our tips on how to navigate the open water efficiently and comfortably.  We finished the morning with a transition clinic.  Nate was the demonstrator as my bike mounts are my weakness while not pregnant!  With my vertical jump being about one inch right now, I don’t think I could make a pretty mount or dismount the bike!  We had a good time sharing our knowledge and tips with the community.  We have another clinic planned at New Town on June 8th.  The water should be much warmer by then, since this spring has been exceptionally cool.

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This past month, I have had a few changes with my training.  Right around the 28th week, the running began to get quite uncomfortable.  For a couple of weeks, I modified my run training with uphill running on the treadmill.  However, I found that at times the uphill running also became uncomfortable and I realized how comfortable the elliptical was in comparison.  I decided I did not want to risk pulling any ligaments or causing unnecessary pressure, so I am sticking with the elliptical machine for 30 minutes about 3-4 times per week to take place of my jogging.  Although I do miss getting outside for some fresh air and running through a trail or two, the elliptical machine is able to provide a cardio workout without the bouncing and the stretching.  Soon enough, I will be able to swim outside again, so my current 100% indoor training (with trainer riding/ indoor swimming/ gym) will modify with the outdoor sunshine in the pool.

I have also been battling a cold for over the past week and a half.  I think getting a cold while pregnant seems to be amplified compared to my non pregnant self.  It started with a mild sore throat…sneezing…major sinus congestion….coughing.  I believe I am finally in the last stage of the virus and will be very happy to retire the tissue box.  The mild coughing over the past few days has left my lungs a little sore and that is compounded with the fact baby girl is pushing up on my diaphragm.


The end of the month Nate and I will be doing a bit of travel.  We spent May 17-21st in the Twin Cities, enjoyed an authentic German restaurant, baby shower, my mother-in-law’s retirement party at a Twins game suite, and lots of family visiting.  The four day trip was busy and action packed!  We had a great time and met our newest nephew, Mattias Jon Kortuem, who is just one month old.  It was precious to see him and realize we will have a little one of our own in just a few short months.


Next week we depart for a driving trip to Austin, Texas to work at the Toyota booth for the CapTex Triathlon.  The past few years I have raced in Austin, Nate and I have really enjoyed the city.  Although this is a “work” trip, we will take it nice and relaxed as possible.  We are planning to break up the twelve hour drive in two days, since I will be close to eight months by then and don’t think sitting in the car for six-twelve hours straight will scream comfort!

This Memorial weekend is the official kick off for summer, so I hope everyone enjoys some time at the pool or at a picnic or just relaxing with friends and family!


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