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Open Water Swim Clinic and Body Tune Up Shop Demo




Join Sarah Haskins for an FREE open water clinic open to all ages and abilities. Whether you are gearing up for the 2016 triathlon season or just wanting to improve your open water swim abilities; don’t miss out!

Where: Water Front Park: Clermont, Florida

When: April 27th at 6:00pm (Wednesday evening)
Cost: Nothing it is FREE!
We will focus on swim starts, buoy swimming, swim exiting techniques and more!

Immediately following the open water clinic, David Peterson will be hosting a free Body Shop Tune Up demo, beginning at 7PM. Sarah has been working with David for the past year. See what technique she uses to help her stay healthy for training and racing. To find out more about the Body Shop Tune Up technique please go here:

Feel free to join in for the open water swim clinic at 6pm/Body Shop Tune Up demo at 7pm. If you can’t make the swim clinic, just stop by for the demo. Look forward to seeing you there.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, April 26th to

Season Update Winter 2016


As I write this blog, I am on the plane headed to race the Puerto Rico Ironman70.3. I raced this event last year and looking forward to returning to the city and the venue. This was my first 70.3 last year, so I had quite a bit of nerves leading into the race since I was heading into some unknowns. I like repeating races I have completed in the past as it eases my race day nerves with being familiar with the race layout and what to expect on the course. This race is easy logistically because once I get to the hotel; swim start, transition and race finish are all within a quarter to half mile walk from my hotel room!
Traveling without Caroline also allows me more time to blog…something that is tough to keep up with since she has become a toddler. Her energy at 8 and 9pm amaze us, especially because at that time Nate and I are so wiped out. She is usually at full tilt from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed (with the exception of a possible nap). It has been so much fun watching her grow from two years to two and a half years old. Her vocabulary grows on a daily basis and her vivd imagination makes us smile. She is getting very fast on her scooter and it’s hard to keep up with her on the downhills!

It seems like a whirlwind since the 2015 season ended and 2016 season started. Although I did take two weeks off training in November, it seems like I was focusing on 2016 before I knew it since I raced in Panama in January. Outside of training we have also been very busy with relocating for our future.
We recently decided to buy a home in Eureka, MO (just outside of St. Louis) and be closer to family. We love training and living in Clermont, FL, but the reality is that Caroline will be starting Kindergarten in just over two years (hard to believe!!) and we wanted more of a permanent place for her verses packing up a couple of times year and moving locations! The past several years we escaped the Florida heat and headed up north for the summer racing season.

Buying a home did not even cross our minds until just before Christmas. When we headed back to FL in January we began the process of upgrading our home in Florida and getting it ready to sell. Much of January and February, I did about 75 % of my training solo, since Nate was focused on installing a bathroom, painting, etc. I rode the CompuTrainer 2x week and usually made up my swim workouts during the warm-up of the swim! Overall, I was happy with my training progression, despite all the business going on outside of training. For several weeks when Nate was busy completing a project, I was with Caroline solo from around 3:30pm (when I picked her up from preschool until she went she went to bed around 9:30). I mentioned to him that I would rather have him help me with Caroline in the evenings verses have him train with me during the day! After a hard training day, I am wiped at night!
For now the projects are finished and the house is listed on the market. Things have calmed down slightly, but still have some moving to do in a couple of months!

Here is the project that Nate and his Dad did.

I am really looking forward to this upcoming race season. I am focused on staying healthy (doing my best to avoid those two year old colds….although sometimes it is just unavoidable), and getting the most out of myself by training smarter and pushing hard at the right times. Good luck to everyone as the 2016 season is about to roll in….!


Exercise Series with David Petersen and the Body Tune Up Shop Exercise #3

Exercise Series with David Petersen and the Body Tune Up Shop Exercise #3
Here is tensegrity exercises #3! The forward facing Bird Dog Plank with a stick.

Exercise Series with David Petersen and the Body Tune Up Shop Exercise #2

Here is tensegrity exercises #2! The forward facing ball plank with a stick.


This weeks exercise is the forward facing ball plank. This works the anterior chain and forces me to engage muscles that keep my body in alignment.

Equipment Choices — When, Where, and Why?

Check out my most recent article for Rudy Project on Equipment Choices-When,Where, and Why?

Follow this link to Rudy Projects Page! 


Partners for 2016!

It’s race season and I’m excited to announce my partners for the 2016 season.

New for this year I will be partnering with a home town brand out of St. Louis, Triflare!  They will be supplying me with all my triathlon apparel.   The race suit is so comfortable, colorful, and fast.  I can’t wait to get to the start line ready to rock and roll.

My New Fuji Norcom 1.1 will be outfitted with  SRAM components and the all new E-Tap wireless shifting system, along with Zipp wheels and Tires, Zipp Vuka Stealth Aero Cockpit, Quarq Elsa Powermeter, ISM TT Saddle, Speedfil Hydration Systems, and Sampson Sports Pedals!

I will be wearing the new Rudy Project Boost Helmet for all the hot races and the Wing 57 for the cooler races.  The new Tralyx SX glasses are amazingly light weight and comfortable!

I will be using the Super fast Blue Seventy Wetsuit and Goggles!

Always keeping me cool will be Mission Athlete Care Techknit Cooling Towel!  I usually run with this during the hot portion of the run leg during the triathlon races.

On my feet I will be running once again in the all new Skechers GOrun Performance shoes!   My favorite are the GoRun4s for racing and speed workouts!

I will be riding my CompuTrainer inside for all my quality workouts! I find that there is nothing that can give you the focused intensity on the bike like a indoor CompuTrainer workout!

Keeping your body in sync and harmony is important.  David Petersen will be helping to keep my body in line at the Body Tune Up Shop! 

Thank you to all my sponsors for such wonderful support on and off the race course.

Best wishes for an amazing 2016 year and beyond.








I am excited for the 2016 season!


Triflare Partnership for 2016 and Beyond!









I am excited to announce the new partnership for 2016 with Triflare out of my home town of St. Louis, MO!

The new race suit is really comfortable, colorful and fast! Triflare will be outfitting me with their new clothes for 2016.

I will be racing this weekend in the new suit at the Ironman 70.3 Panama South American Championships.

Be sure to checkout all the new suits that Triflare has to offer!















Exercise Series with David Petersen and the Body Tune Up Shop

I will be posting 5 videos explaining tensegrity exercises that I do with David Petersen, owner of the body Tune Up Shop.

Exercise #1

This weeks exercise is the reverse phisyo ball bridge.  This works the posterior chain and forces me to engage muscles that keep my body in alignment.



July Racing Update

A few days prior to Pan American Games, I felt a soreness in my left foot. It was something I had never felt before, but it did not alter my run form or cause too much pain not to compete. Afterwards I had my foot checked out by the USOC Medical team and after an MRI it was determined that I am suffering from a fourth metatarsal stress reaction. It is recommended that I do not continue running on it, or else I risk having a complete break of the bone. I am able to continue swimming and cycling, but I have to lay off the running for the time being.

I am gutted to have another bump in the road and not able to race this weekend, but I am determined to continue to get back on track. I have an amazing team of support staff who are helping me to not suffer any more “bumps” this season. The past year, I have encountered issues with my bone density (as I have never had a bone injury in my previous twenty years of running). Every month my bone density is continuing to improve (after pregnancy and 13 months of nursing where I suffered some mineral depletion). I look forward to get back to racing soon and will keep you posted.
Thank you everyone for the continued support this year. Happy training an

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