The Home Stretch of Pregnancy Training

As I enter into the 28th week of my pregnancy, it’s hard to believe I am officially in my third trimester.  It’s hard to believe that in just a few short months, our lives will be forever changed with our baby boy entering this world!  It’s very exciting, but also daunting to think about all the changes ahead.


The second trimester had some ups and downs with my training.  I was still fortunate to be able to get in fairly consistent training, but I had a couple back to back bad colds that left me feeling drained and fatigued for a few weeks.  With the holiday travel and parties, it seems that this time of year, we are more likely to pick up bugs…especially with toddlers in tow.  Pregnancy also lowers your immune system in order to protect your growing baby, so when I do get a cold it seems to linger a bit longer than normal.  While recovering from colds, I still try and get a short workout in (as long as I don’t feel too tired) as I feel better moving the body; both physically and mentally.  Another change for me is getting used to a real “winter”!   The last four years, I have been spoiled by Florida winters, so I am getting used to more indoor training!


Around 19 weeks, I started cutting back my run volume.  I noticed that if I ran longer than 20 or 30 minutes at a time, I put myself at risk to have sore joints (mostly my hips).  I now run several times a week on the treadmill at an incline.  To keep my mind occupied, I start the incline at 3.5% grade and go up .5% incline every five minutes.  I keep the pace very conservative (at 6.0) and I am sure the pace will continue to slow and the incline will continue to increase as my baby grows.  With the incline, I can get my heart rate up and also keep the pace and pounding relatively gentle on my changing body.  I only stay on the treadmill 20-25 minutes (and I sometimes still have to take a bathroom break to empty my bladder~.   I have also found a piece of equipment at the gym I prefer over the elliptical (last pregnancy I switched over to the elliptical during the third trimester).  I have been using the stair stepper machine and I have found to enjoy the leg strength and cardio at the same time that this machine provides. I usually do this machine for 20 min prior to getting on the treadmill.   This equals around 40 min of leg cardio at the gym.  After my “running”, I will spend about 30 min strength training.  I feel it’s important to try and keep up with as much strength training as I can during my pregnancy.  Around 20 weeks, I stopped using any free weights (the squat bar), as I felt to be a bit off balance with my growing belly.  I currently use the machines and body weight exercises. Once I feel pain and or discomfort with running, I will be sure to stop for the duration of my pregnancy and continue with walking elliptical and the stair climber. During my running, I use this band to help support my abs, baby and my ligaments.   This is the same band I used last pregnancy and I was recommended to me from other runners during their pregnancies.


I have continued to swim and cycle on my trainer.  I have found several series of tv shows on Netflix to keep me occupied while I ride my bike.  A difference I notice with this pregnancy verses my last is that I seem to be carrying this baby higher.  I have had less round ligament pain while running and swimming, but I have noticed that I have to be very upright while cycling.  I feel that I get out of breath easier while riding than I remember during my last pregnancy.  With the slight bending over position needed for cycling and the baby feeling higher up on me; perhaps my diagram is getting more compromised.


As with the last pregnancy, I take it a day at a time and do what I feel I am up for on that day.  I have felt a bit more tired during the second trimester than I remember with Caroline.  This could be due to a toddler to take care of in addition to the exercise.  It was also true for me that my stomach grew much faster with my second pregnancy.  I guess once those abdominal muscles have been stretched previously, they stretch much faster the second time!  I feel that at six months, I am at a similar size at seven months with Caroline!  I am already starting to have a hard time tying my shoes.  Plus, baby boys tend to be slightly bigger than girls, so I expect to grow a little bigger with him and gain a little more weight.

I look forward to meeting our second child in the next two and a half months!  I will continue to keep up with exercising as long as I can and also begin to continue with exercises that will help me with child birth.  I will post about those another time!  Best wishes to everyone getting in the winter training in preparation for an awesome 2017 season!




Fuji Set up for 2017!

I have put together a short video showcasing my riding equipment for the 2017 racing season.  This video highlights my favorite bikes, the Fuji Norcom Straight and Transonic SL.  I have been a Fuji athlete since 2010 and have been a sponsored athlete of Zipp, Rudy Project, ISM, and Sampson for ten years.  SRAM , Quarq, and Speedfil have been a partner of mine for the last couple of years.  I am looking forward to kicking off the 2017 season later this year!

ALS Ice Bucket Bash

img_4380Last Friday, I had the honor of being a part of the St. Louis Regional Ice Bucket Challenge event in downtown St. Louis. I was up on stage with five other local “celebrities” and each person had a goal to raise $10,000, while up on stage. After the bidding was over, each person was “dunked”! All the proceeds were given 100% to ALS research and funding. I was very honored to help raise $10,500.  My Dad contributed the final bid to “dunk” me and he enjoyed giving me a slow, freezing soak!

ALS is such a devastating and tough disease for the patient and the entire family.  It’s special to be able to be part of something fighting for this disease to give patients and family members hope for continued research and funding.

Each celebrity included a special perk to their bidding, while up on stage for a special “$1,000 bid. I offered a training day with me along with triathlon gear included in the package. Thanks to all my sponsors taking part and supporting this great fight!  I look forward to participating in this special training day and will follow up with pictures and details post event.

Here is a video of the dunk….and it was ice cold!

Thank you!

Body TuneUp Shop Clinic

St. Louis area athletes and those wishing to improve their athletic performance and/ or those who are suffering from nagging injuries are invited to attend a free demo this weekend in Eureka, Missouri.   David Petersen will be visiting from Orlando, Florida and will be hosting a clinic at 12:30pm on Saturday, November 19th.  If you are interested in attending the clinic, please RSVP by November 17th to  I will follow up with an address and additional details.  You can sign up for an appointment after the clinic, if interested.

I have been getting regular “tune-up’s” for the past two years.  The treatment has helped me train and race without injury and push my body physically harder during my training sessions and has allowed me to recover faster.  David uses eight different acupressure points to realign your fascia to a balanced state.  To learn more about the technique; please read through the website:

If you are not able to attend the clinic, David will be in the area November 19-20th and will be available for appointments.  You can also pre-register for a session at a cost of $65.00 per 30min/session.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Training Through the First Trimester…the Second Time Around!

I am currently 13 weeks expecting and entering into the second trimester of pregnancy.  Most women feel their second trimester of pregnancy is the best time because fatigue and nasuea subside and energy levels return; without being hampered by a large pregnancy bump...yet.   I was pretty lucky in my first trimester to have only a few bouts of nausea and a month of extreme fatigue!  I know other women who have experienced much more severe pregnancy symptoms.

I felt heading into this pregnancy, in some ways it was much easier for me because I had an idea of what to expect with how I would feel and how I should continue to exercise.  When I was eight weeks pregnant with my daughter, I had a couple of what I would call “pre-pregnancy” moderate training days.  This normally would be no big deal; however, I quickly learned how much I needed to back off during pregnancy!  I ended up on the couch for a day or two with barely any energy to move!  Instead of my typical three to five hour training days, my training was limited to a max of two hours.  In addition, I kept all my training aerobic and did not push myself.  I quickly learned that I was no longer “training”, but simply “exercising” and enjoying moving my body to what it could do for that day.


Having this prior experience from my previous pregnancy, this made my transition from training to exercise much easier in the fact I knew what was best for my body.  I remember last time being shocked that at eight weeks pregnant, I was nearly ten seconds per 100 slower in the pool with the same perceived exertion.  This time around, it was nice knowing that this was to be expected and I have felt less of a need to push myself at all in my exercise and simply enjoy it.  Some days I feel that I can push myself a little harder; while other days I have felt rough and have backed off exercise.  As athletes we are so great at listening to our bodies and I feel this is crucial to do while pregnant.   Sometimes I feel like I can go out and run 7 miles, no problem, while there have been a few days where I feel exhausted after a couple of miles to continue running much farther.  Days that I do feel tired, I don’t worry about it at all and simply enjoy walking and taking in the beauty of nature and trails around me (something I really never do when I am training and pushing my body to the limit!).


This time around I felt the extreme fatigue a bit earlier, but it seemed to get better around 10 weeks verses the 13 weeks last time around.  This pregnancy I have also cut back my working out to a max of around 90 minutes a day.  My typical week consists of: 2-3x 45 minute swims, 2x week strength training (modified from my normal), 3-4x week 4-7 miles running and 2x a week cycling for 60 to 90 min.  For the first trimester I was still comfortable to be riding outside on safe roads or on the trails, but next week I will resume to the trainer full time.  The timing with the weather worked out well, since the cold weather will start and I won’t want to ride outside anyway.  Last time around I remember feeling a bit lost and unsure of what to do with so much time on my hands, but this time around, I have a three year old to keep me company.  Caroline has started pre-school this year however; so this gives me plenty of time to get in some daily exercise.


Having spoken with other women during their pregnancies, I have learned that every one is so unique and individual.  For other pregnant women out there reading this blog, don’t expect to follow what I do or feel how I have felt during my pregnancy.  However, I feel that all women can learn from other women in sharing their own experiences.  I have talked to some women who don’t even know they are pregnant until 11 weeks, while other women are so tired they can’t exercise at all.  This is why I feel it’s so important to listen to your body and not judge.  Not to judge yourself from others, but most importantly, I mean to not judge yourself from yourself.  Don’t worry about what you can’t do, but focus on what you can and know that you are growing an incredible life inside you!  That takes a tremendous amount of energy and I feel it’s so important to respect that.

I wish everyone to enjoy the triathlon “off-season”, holiday festivities and cooler weather!

Best Wishes,


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